Take a moment for yourself. Don’t share it

The other night, while out running errands, I exited the grocery store and noticed a slow fog rolling in off the hills. I watched in amazement as I pushed my grocery cart across the parking lot to my car and then I stood there – taking it all in. Meanwhile, in the back of my […]

Lent: can anyone participate?

Lent isn’t something I normally give thought to. It’s something that most of my friends observe and when the season comes around, I follow along on Facebook and Twitter to see what they’ll be giving up. However this year, while perusing my Facebook news feed, my friend Mahesh posted he might give up coffee for […]

If you’re not going to be social, why are you on social media?

True fact: I like reading your blogs. Everyone has a story to share, a passion, or a skill to pass on. I gain insight or learn something new. I like to be inspired and a perpetual student. I like your blog even more if I can find a way to subscribe, easily share your content, […]

Truly Thankful

This year hasn’t been easy. Trouble started early in January when I lost everything and continued to spiral downward. To this very day I’m still picking up the pieces and it’s a miracle I’ve haven’t gone crazy, slipped into some deep dark corner, or become clinically depressed but I have my friends to thank for […]

A World without Steve Jobs

Today, we wake up to a world without Steve Jobs. I’m still in disbelief and even cried a little when I heard the news. I was in shock and couldn’t believe it. He inspired all of us to dream, be crazy, and have a vision. Here’s my letter to Steve: Dear Steve, I first heard […]

That’s What She Said

Made popular by The Office, that’s what she said is something I can’t escape. It comes up in everyday conversation at the most inopportune moments, often provokes a laugh, and unleashes a moment of embarrassment upon the individual who just so happened to utter the sexual innuendo. The popularity has spread to Facebook and created […]

Life Lessons From Roxy

Early this year, a friend posted a photo of Roxy on Facebook (back then she was called Twilight). Roxy’s family was moving and they couldn’t take her with them, also her former Momma had developed pet allergies so they needed a loving home. I watched for a few days to see if anyone would adopt […]

A Few Random Facts About Me

1.) I’m terrified of being cold but I love the fall and winter seasons.  I like to see the leaves change color, the smell of fireplaces, various baked goods, wearing warm fuzzy sweaters, xmas decorations, and how you’ll always catch a smile on someone’s face because it’s the holidays. 2.) I always, always, always wear […]

Book Review: A Scottish Ferry Tale

A Scottish Ferry Tale (a Scottish romance novel) is the debut novel by Nancy Volkers.   As a writer myself, I was excited to read this novel. Kudos to Nancy for getting her work published. This Scottish love tale follows Cassie on her journey for love and redemption. She has followed her boyfriend to Scotland only […]

Why Cities Need a Solid Social Media Strategy

This afternoon, I had an appointment at Big Train which happens to be 5 minutes away from where I live however when I got to Bake Pkwy I noticed a line of cars and figured it was an unusual lunch rush. I tweeted about the incident, got a few retweets, and 15 minutes later I […]