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Marathon Fever

Currently, southern California is blanketed in clouds – remnants from Hurricane Dean. The clouds moved in after our training at Heritage Park on Thursday. Lori and I improved on our pace and headed out on the 5 north towards LA county and an ominous presence surrounded us as we drove. It kinda put a damper […]


This summer heat is no joke. It was nice and cool during our Dr. Bakman stretching and exercising clinic but during the walk it was sweltering. The first mile of our walk was uphill with no trees and practically no breeze. Madness! And then somehow as we started going downhill towards the trees and lake, […]

Hectic Monday

I walked 4 miles at the Irvine gym yesterday. Go me! A lot of people have been complaining to management about the current state of the gym. I can’t deal with people who complain too much. Yes, it’s annoying that we have to change in one area and then walk around the building to use […]


The aftermath of last week’s training is shin splints and sore arms. I expected both because we were taught to walk palms up (which is new to me) and I could feel my shins burning as we were going uphill – like someone was lighting a match to my muscles. I always get shin splints […]

Sausage Fingers

Sausage Fingers – refers to the sausage shaped swelling of the fingers and/or toes and can be painful. Swelling occurs due to poor circulation and inadequate hydration. Drinking too much water can cause a reduction in sodium which can lead to a condition called hyponatremia (electrolyte disturbance), one of the symptoms of which is swelling […]

Diet + Exercise = Results

Keyword: Diet. I’ve been telling myself that if I get that combination right then I’ll be ok. However the hardest part is sticking to that combination. I love to eat and I love to relax. That doesn’t really sound like a win-win situation. Actually, it makes me sound more like a pig – a couch […]

Moisture Wicking

Yes, moisture wicking. Moisture wicking apparel first became a phenomenon when Kevin Plank got tired of his sopping wet cotton t-shirts and started working on moisture wicking material and he did this first with lingerie and lycra that later got popular and started his own company, Under Armour Performance Apparel. However, Nike, Reebok and almost […]

First Week & Shoe Clinic – 7/29-8/4

Still couldn’t sleep. Well, that’s not true. I fell asleep around 12 and then had to wake up around 5, take a quick shower, eat breakfast, and run out the door. GPS said my arrival time would be 7:01AM. Ugh. 1 minute late for my first training with the coach. Ugh, I should have left […]

The Kickoff – 7/28/07

I couldn’t really sleep the night before. I had butterflies in my stomach. Butterflies. I haven’t felt butterflies in my stomach for a long time so I must really be excited about this. I wake up. I’m ready. Do I have the right address? Is it correctly keyed into my GPS? God, I hope there’s […]