The aftermath of last week’s training is shin splints and sore arms. I expected both because we were taught to walk palms up (which is new to me) and I could feel my shins burning as we were going uphill – like someone was lighting a match to my muscles.

I always get shin splints and I thought it was due to my shoes, but I have new shoes! Maybe it’s an old injury that needs to heal. I might also be doing further damage because we’re on concrete and I should probably step off and walk on asphalt. Hmm.

I’m training this week at the Irvine gym on Culver. I would go to South Coast but if you go over 2 hours, you get charged. Argh. And I could go to Newport, but the lockers are a joke and everyone always slips on their floor. *sigh* I should probably switch gyms because most locations don’t even have a heart defibrillator. The Irvine gym is currently undergoing construction and hoping to become a “sport” gym. They’re starting the process with their lockers and everyone’s being forced to change in makeshift changing rooms that were once the stretching area so once you change you should probably stretch too and guess where the bathroom is? You have to go all the way around to the back and OUTSIDE to some port-a-potty airplane style bathroom that stink and are always low on supplies. *sigh* Construction will be complete in mid-September and I am currently contemplating South Coast until they finish. I like my privacy and hate feeling like I’m rushed because someone else might be waiting for a changing room or the bathroom.

The weather is another story. We’re training for the winter season in the dead hot last days of summer. Summer really wants to make a lasting impression this year and scientists tell us this isn’t even the worst of it – that we will be in triple digits by 2009. Ugh. The heat and humidity puts a damper on our training but hopefully this month will be the last of it and cooler weather should start next month. *crossing fingers*

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