Hectic Monday

I walked 4 miles at the Irvine gym yesterday. Go me! A lot of people have been complaining to management about the current state of the gym. I can’t deal with people who complain too much. Yes, it’s annoying that we have to change in one area and then walk around the building to use the restroom, but at least there is a changing area and a restroom and they have vastly improved the state of the restrooms. I noticed cleaning crew going in there several times to make sure everything was clean and well stocked despite the small ant problem. But oh well, I can live.

In other news, I am happy to report that the shin splints and sore arms are a thing of the past. Today I am dealing with a blister on my left foot and sulfur in my eyes. The sulfur-in-my-eyes ordeal occurred yesterday after the gym when I decided it would be a good idea to kill acne on my face while shampooing my hair. I applied the sulfur mask first and then read the instructions saying it had to sit 10 minutes, so I decided to shampoo my hair meanwhile. Well…the shampoo ran into my eyes taking the sulfur with it and OH MY GOD…EXTREME PAIN!!! What was I thinking?? The acne is completely dead, but my eyes feel like sandpaper and the Visine bottle I had was EXPIRED. Lucky me.

I am trying to focus today but my eyes are killing me. A mixture of sulfur and shampoo squirts out of them every 5 minutes. Esh. I think I might just take it easy today and go shopping for my water pack at REI and maybe go walking later in the neighborhood if I can score some Visine soon.

I also took my shirt to the dry cleaners yesterday to get it altered. I think I somehow ended up with a men’s small instead of a ladies medium, but oh well. It’ll all be repaired by Friday. I’m having them take it up 3 inches with side slits and then swapping out the round neck for a V-neck. I also need to put my name on there somewhere, but I don’t want to “Sharpie” it on, so I’m going to try to look for some stenciling stuff or have someone stitch it on.

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