Marathon Fever

Currently, southern California is blanketed in clouds – remnants from Hurricane Dean. The clouds moved in after our training at Heritage Park on Thursday. Lori and I improved on our pace and headed out on the 5 north towards LA county and an ominous presence surrounded us as we drove. It kinda put a damper on my day/week.

This heat is causing me to break out in heat bumps and I think I’m suffering from hydration. I bought a 32 pack of water bottles and a variety pack of Power Bars to start feeding myself properly for all the training. We’re up to 4 miles now and will be starting 6 in September. I can’t believe I actually worked out this month and stayed true to my schedule. I also can’t believe I got up at 5 EVERY Saturday morning. This is all new to me. I have to remember to train during my vacation and I probably will train 6 miles while soliciting for donations and that also is unbelievable. I would have never thought I’d be walking/running this many miles. Never. But there’s a first time for everything.

Want to know what else I can’t believe? My sudden interest in sports stores. Sports stores used to bore me to death and I would only go near them/in them if someone dragged me in for something and now look at me; I go in there for the latest in moisture wicking stuff – most recently my moisture wicking water pack, for Body Glide (prevents chafing in sensitive parts), sunscreens, shoes, etc. By the time I do this marathon, I will be dressed head to toe in moisture wicking apparel and accessories and the best running shoes my money can buy. Madness.

It rained a little after our training today. It would have been fun to walk in the rain or maybe not. I don’t like being wet and hate being out in the rain when I know I’ll get wet so maybe it should rain afterwards when I’m safe inside. This must be a sign that I’m getting old. I wonder what will happen when I’m older.

All this traffic is also killing me. In my car (before I actually drive anywhere), I hit the favorites button on my Garmin for Heritage Park and it instantly tells me “traffic ahead” or “construction.” Always. Without fail. The 22 east is always closed for construction because they’re way behind on their expansion plan so I have to continue on the 405 to the 55 and then it’s blocked at the 5 so I have to take the streets and I always get there right on time. So during the week, I decided to train at Heritage Park to avoid the traffic but there’s still traffic! Even on the weekends! Where do all these cars come from? I really need to live closer and I know I keep saying that but maybe it’s time to start thinking about it more seriously. I work out here, I train out here, I should live out here but it’s expensive and you always pay a good price for convenience. *sigh* I’ll continue to stew on this until I come up with something. Maybe a halfway point.

My latest acquisitions:

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