Moisture Wicking

Yes, moisture wicking. Moisture wicking apparel first became a phenomenon when Kevin Plank got tired of his sopping wet cotton t-shirts and started working on moisture wicking material and he did this first with lingerie and lycra that later got popular and started his own company, Under Armour Performance Apparel. However, Nike, Reebok and almost every major sports apparel company is getting into moisture wicking apparel and you can just about buy anything and everything moisture wicking right down to socks and underwear! Madness I tell you.

“Cotton is not your friend” is all I hear from my mentor and coach and other Team in Training folks. What are you talking about? Cotton has always been my friend. It lets me breathe. It’s been my best friend since birth. I’ve been hearing that from my mother, various news sources, and my OB-GYN. So what do you mean that cotton is not my “friend?” Tell me why it’s not my friend. Prove to me that I should switch from cotton to some synthetic blend (mostly nylon, polyester and a small portion of my best friend “cotton”) of moisture wicking sports apparel. Do you know how expensive that stuff is since it’s still so new? Cotton is cheaper; however it’s not my friend. Why?? Why is the latest greatest thing better than the tried and true?

Through research I’ve learned cotton retains moisture and makes the apparel stick to your skin causing odor, chafing, and blisters; this can also slow you down and make your run/walk experience uncomfortable. Moisture wicking apparel pulls the moisture away from your skin to the surface where it is exposed to the air and can evaporate quickly keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable.

I’m sold. Are you? It also helped to walk into the various sports retailers and try this stuff on and feel it out. I also spent all of last week working out in my moisture wicking capris, which felt awesome. So yesterday, I bought the hat, socks, and more moisture wicking capris. I have yet to be sold on the underwear. I felt the material and it didn’t feel bad but I’m not sure how it’ll feel “down there.” I don’t know. Maybe by the time I run this marathon I’ll be geared up head to toe in moisture wicking apparel. Even my new shoes have moisture wicking material! Geez, I should just buy the underwear and call it day. What do you think?

My new moisture wicking apparel:

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