This summer heat is no joke. It was nice and cool during our Dr. Bakman stretching and exercising clinic but during the walk it was sweltering. The first mile of our walk was uphill with no trees and practically no breeze. Madness! And then somehow as we started going downhill towards the trees and lake, the breeze showed up from nowhere. Oh well. It was a nice reward for making it over the hill.

We saw more of the lake today. I always enjoy walking over to the lake. The geese and ducks watched as we sweated and walked by and then someone’s phone went off and they started squawking like crazy. It was fun. I took my Nike+ sensor with me this time and logged 4.25 miles. Yey! I will slowly, but surely hit my goal of 100 miles this year. I have 28 already. I’m gonna make it!

After training, we all drove over to Panera Bread for breakfast – our walk coach Darin with his wife Dionne, Jen (my mentor), and my two new walking buddies – Adrienne and Lori. We were talking about Panera Bread last week and Jen kept raving about their egg soufflés and all this week, I’ve been craving egg soufflés. I couldn’t wait to finish training and get over to Panera. I know I’m not supposed to be eating dairy so what do I order? An asiago cheese bagel (I’ve been eating these ever since my trip to Chicago) with reduced fat cream cheese and I ate a portion of the egg soufflé. They only had one left so we split it up amongst ourselves. I should really watch what I eat but it’s so hard. I have no self control. It’s horrible. I just eat whatever looks good and I know what I’m doing to myself as I eat it but my mind just tells me that I can make up for it later. Ugh. I really have to fight that battle and stop listening to the devil over my shoulder.

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