Sausage Fingers

Sausage Fingers – refers to the sausage shaped swelling of the fingers and/or toes and can be painful. Swelling occurs due to poor circulation and inadequate hydration. Drinking too much water can cause a reduction in sodium which can lead to a condition called hyponatremia (electrolyte disturbance), one of the symptoms of which is swelling of the hands and fingers. During a high endurance event, like a marathon, it is recommended that you keep a balance between your water and electrolyte intake to avoid any negative symptoms and to “wiggle” your fingers.

We’re in week two and three miles meaning this is the second Saturday that I have had to get up at 5AM, drive 20 miles, and then run “x” miles. Oh boy. And we have another 5-6 months of this left. What am I doing to myself? I really must be crazy. After years of sleeping in on Saturdays and staying up late on Fridays, this is definitely mind-boggling and I still can’t believe I’m doing a marathon. Oh my god, it’s so “surreal.”

OK, enough about that.

Our walk today was amazing. It was early. There was hardly anyone around in the sleepy part of Irvine and the lake we walked to was picture perfect. I don’t have the words to describe how peaceful it was. I got my first glimpse of the lake at the Ruby’s fundraiser on Wednesday and all I could think was “I can’t wait to get down there” and I also “I’m hungry. When can I eat?”

I spend every Saturday during our trainings wishing that I lived here. Irvine is such a beautiful city and a desirable place to live, but expensive. I need to work way up the ladder a little more to live out here. *sigh*

Later, we all gathered at Starbucks and learned a little more about each other. We all come from different places and different paces but we’re in this together with our new fabulous shoes (thanks to last Saturday’s shoe clinic), our new fabulous goal, our new fabulous training gear and all to form a new fabulous team and train in a fabulous city. Yes, yes..overuse of the word “fabulous.” I’ll just stop now.

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