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One by one

I remember a long, long time ago while I was still in college my community director once told me “the world is paying attention to you. It’s trying to tell you something. Listen carefully and take all the advice given to you.” I thought he was a crazy, idealistic, community director but then again he […]


I didn’t make it to my Saturday training today. I feel horrible about it. But it’s my own fault that I didn’t make it. I danced at a wedding on Wednesday. It was fun but my legs were already killing me and I should have stretched but I didn’t. On Friday, I participated in a […]


The good news is: cold weather is on the way. I’ve been noticing the marine layer and the fine mist on my car my rental car in the morning and of course, the chilly night air. This is perfect! I love cool weather. Who wants to be hot and sweaty? Especially if you’re training for […]


Happy Monday, folks! It wasn’t quite the Monday I was hoping for but Mondays aren’t meant to be good, are they? If I’ve learned anything from the X-Files it’s this: “trust no one” and move on to the next fish in the sea but make sure it’s a good fish. Enough said. I guess you […]

Mile 8

Yes, that’s right. We have reached 8 miles. We’re going beyond the lake, beyond Woodridge shopping center, beyond Barranca Parkway, beyond Alton, across the 405 freeway, and at the doorstep of UC Irvine. They call this “lions and tigers and bears” because the “doorstep of UC Irvine” isn’t quite what you would expect. All you […]

Most Unusual

So this wasn’t the day I had in mind. I was driving into working thinking “I have a meeting at 7. I hope it doesn’t drag too long. Man, I could use a vacation. I don’t feel well. Maybe I should just take some time off. I really, really need some time off. Haven’t had […]

Woe is me

I believe the heat wave is back. Yes, just confirmed on We’ll reach 82 degrees by this weekend. So much for the cool weather; that was short lived. I think we’re going 8 miles this weekend. Ouch. However, we’re supposed to be in the 70’s starting Monday. I hope that lasts because we’re approaching […]

Hidden Danger Zones

Today was my first September Saturday. I spent last Saturday at home planning and attending my Dad’s 50th surprise birthday party. 50 is a marvelous age and I can only hope I look as healthy and young as my Dad does and I must say my Dad is a very handsome man. If you don’t […]

Heat Wave

After last week’s surprise rain shower from Hurricane Dean, California is currently suffering from an intense heat wave (breaking records with 100+ degree heat) that finally lost momentum Wednesday night. Wednesday morning (feeling sick and miserable from the heat), I went to Costco in search of a tower fan and was informed by the store […]