I didn’t make it to my Saturday training today. I feel horrible about it. But it’s my own fault that I didn’t make it. I danced at a wedding on Wednesday. It was fun but my legs were already killing me and I should have stretched but I didn’t. On Friday, I participated in a softball game that we had at a park near work. It was a department ice breaker so I decided to play but since I got there so late I didn’t stretch and as I was running from base to base I could feel something pulling near my groin and I was in intense pain so near the end of the game, I sat out and joined the cheerleading squad in the bleachers. *sigh* I probably shouldn’t have even played but I figured I would be ok considering all the training I was doing how could a game of softball hurt me? Well, I was running in tight jeans, I was already in pain from Wednesday, and I made it worse by not stretching and getting it treated so here we are.

I need to concentrate and get through this marathon. I’m in the $1,000 club and I couldn’t collect my ribbon today. :( Yet another disappointment. So I’ve treated my injury and I’ll join everyone for midweek training on Tuesday and slowly but surely I’ll survive. It’s not the end of world; it’s just unfortunate.

In other news, the long anticipated storm is finally here. I think it rained all night and it’s been raining off and on. This weather doesn’t make me feel any better. I don’t even feel like myself right now.

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