Happy Monday, folks! It wasn’t quite the Monday I was hoping for but Mondays aren’t meant to be good, are they? If I’ve learned anything from the X-Files it’s this: “trust no one” and move on to the next fish in the sea but make sure it’s a good fish. Enough said. I guess you can say one good thing came out of this Monday and that is I finally got the estimate on my car.

I called the collusion shop several times to get this estimate and they said they finally wrapped up the paperwork today. Ugh. It took them 3 days to do paperwork? Lame. The worst: bumper is damaged, hood is damaged, the wheel well, and my lights are chipped. All in all a week and a half which means I can take my newborn baby to Pismo but then again that’s what they told me last time and it stretched out to a month so who knows? It would be nice not to put miles on the Solara. I would rather drive the Taurus to Pismo. We shall see. At this point, I would do anything to get my car back and just hope and pray nothing else happens to it.

My new addiction is Clif bars. Thanks to not having any food for my training on Saturday and my mentor handing me a Clif bar brownie – I found a new love. I went to Trader Joe’s that night and purchased a box and also bought other Clif bar goodies to try including the new iced gingerbread that was only 39¢. Christmas flavors in September? Madness. It was a little too “gingery” for me so no iced gingerbread for me. I usually buy a bar and sample first before I commit to a box. I know for sure I will be buying a box of cool mint brownie Clif bars. Yum!

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