Heat Wave

After last week’s surprise rain shower from Hurricane Dean, California is currently suffering from an intense heat wave (breaking records with 100+ degree heat) that finally lost momentum Wednesday night.

Wednesday morning (feeling sick and miserable from the heat), I went to Costco in search of a tower fan and was informed by the store employee that tower fans were out of season and that they were currently selling heaters. Heaters in the summer?? I quickly thought about buying one considering they were so cheap and our winters have been just as bad as our summers, but then thought against it. The tower fan I had in mind covered all seasons adequately, if only I could get my hands on it which I did later by ordering it online.

Radio advertisements have been warning the population of California that our water supplies are low due to the poor rainfall amounts. We are currently using our reserves and next year will be forced to cut back on how much water we receive from the Sacramento Delta. What a great time to be settling down in southern California? I say this sarcastically of course because as of last Tuesday I signed over my life and soul to an apartment in Lake Forest. I have been complaining for several years now that I need to move to Orange County in order to be closer to work and so I did it. If everything goes well, I can move in October.

All that aside, I trained for the first time yesterday. I spent Monday at home on vacation, Tuesday with the community manager at the apartment I’m planning to rent, Wednesday at the wine tasting fundraiser meeting, and today I’m taking the day off to recover from yesterday in order to be ready for group training tomorrow. We’re at 6 miles now. We’re going past the Woodridge Lake, over Barranca Parkway in Woodridge Village, past the Ruby’s Diner where I once sat a while ago and look out at the course, and into the Woodridge apartment communities and beyond that by just a hair. Wow. I couldn’t believe the distance Lori and I traveled yesterday. It felt like we were walking forever. I beat my personal goal of 50 miles yesterday. I am achieving many milestones in my life. I have also reached my recommitment fee of 25% or $525 towards my fundraising goals thanks to everyone and their generous contributions. I am at a total of $880 and I need $1,220 more so I’m selling wine tasting tickets for $20 at the Fountain Valley country club. Please let me know if you’re interested.

Adrienne, Lori, and I at Lori’s Pat & Oscar’s Fundraiser:

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