Hidden Danger Zones

Today was my first September Saturday. I spent last Saturday at home planning and attending my Dad’s 50th surprise birthday party. 50 is a marvelous age and I can only hope I look as healthy and young as my Dad does and I must say my Dad is a very handsome man. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you pictures but while he might be quite the ladies man, he is taken. :)

We move to bigger better miles next week. Next week, we will be at 8 miles. Madness. Thursday as I was walking with Lori I kept thinking that I must be nuts for doing this but then again it was that time of month and I was having all kinds of crazy thoughts and with each step I kept telling myself that I should just turn back around, walk home, and quit and then again I was like “who are you kidding? You’ve done 6! Are you nuts? Keep going!!” I know I’m not a quitter but sometimes your mind can fool you and you just have to be careful and set it straight.

Today I stayed steady at a 15 minute pace. At mile 5, after going up a big hill, my body started to break down and I could tell I needed more water, more electrolytes, more food, more something because the sun was beating down on me, my right side was hurting, and I was breathing hard and feeling faint and at that point I really didn’t think I was going to make it back. I was almost in front of everyone so I knew that if I did fall someone would find me and take me back and I also felt that I should quit if I made it because something was going wrong but then something amazing happened. I made it over the hill, past the bridge, and suddenly everything was ok. I could see a glimmer of hope and my side no longer hurt, I didn’t feel faint, and I was actually at a 14 minute pace even Dionne noticed that I was going really, really fast.

I think I might have been experiencing some pre-marathon jitters. I’m sure everyone goes through a period of cold feet (hot feet considering all this heat) and overcomes their fears and anxieties and do fine. I don’t think I’m alone in this and with this still being the “time of the month” I’ll definitely get over it and move on. Like everyone around me always says “it’s all a mental game.” You have to push yourself to get to the finish line.

My other worry is the constant back pain which has been made worse with a nagging pain in my hip flexors. I should probably do some strength training exercises. A strong core will take your farther and make you go faster.

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