Mile 8

Yes, that’s right. We have reached 8 miles. We’re going beyond the lake, beyond Woodridge shopping center, beyond Barranca Parkway, beyond Alton, across the 405 freeway, and at the doorstep of UC Irvine. They call this “lions and tigers and bears” because the “doorstep of UC Irvine” isn’t quite what you would expect. All you see when you get there are trees and what looks like a forest but you know it’s UC Irvine because you’re on University Avenue.

I knew I had to go to training. There was no question about it. Skipping out on training during Labor Day weekend really taught me a lesson – that falling behind is not something you want to do when you’re training for a full marathon. You’re sore, you hurt in places you didn’t know existed, and you’re slower than the rest of them. I rested on Friday. I could barely move my neck or my back and I avoided driving at all costs. I could barely move the next day but knew that once the juices started flowing I would be ok and I was. Besides, I finally got to reward myself with a Greek omelet.

In other news, I got approved for my apartment this week. Hooray! I’ve decided to move in on Sunday October 14th rather than Saturday. In October, we’ll be doing some serious miles and I really don’t think I’ll be able to lift anything or move anything after my training session so Sunday it is. I hope I don’t get lonely living in Lake Forest. :( It’s kind of an isolated area.

I truly enjoy training for this marathon. Sounds corny I know but I’ve met some wonderful people through this process and I’m glad that my work and the money I’m raising is going somewhere besides a new possession for myself. We don’t really realize how selfish we are unless we look around us and see what we have gained. Don’t get me wrong. It’s good to reward yourself but it’s also good to give back a little to those who might not be so blessed – those who don’t know what tomorrow holds because of the disease that’s attacking their body and to them this means everything. I’m at $1,005 now and that leaves me at $1,095 more to raise. Keep donating everyone! My uncle finally got back to me and my old college friend, Sara donated as well. Thanks guys! Slowly, but surely I’ll get to my goal.

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