Most Unusual

So this wasn’t the day I had in mind. I was driving into working thinking “I have a meeting at 7. I hope it doesn’t drag too long. Man, I could use a vacation. I don’t feel well. Maybe I should just take some time off. I really, really need some time off. Haven’t had a vacation all year and it’s already September. Crazy.” And BOOM! Accident!

I went to work in a miserable state. I was crying, shaking all over, and feeling stupid. My first accident in almost FOREVER. I swear my new car is cursed – dings, bumps, scraps, scratches, hit and runs, and now this. What really is the cost of a new car? Back to walking into work. I know I had to leave. Everything around me was falling apart. Someone’s telling me about a problem they’re facing and that I need to fix but can’t fix because it’s not in my area of expertise and I want to start crying again but I stop myself and remain focused. I must call insurance. I need to get my car fixed. I need a rental before Saturday. I need to email Lori and let her know I can’t make it to training today. I need to leave.

I drove my broken battered car home and by the time I got there the rental agency was already calling me about my reservation and the body shop had received my claim for processing. The worst: they might have my car for a month. A month! You mean I have to move and leave my car behind? THIS CAN NOT BE HAPPENING! This also means I have to take my rental to Pismo with me and everyone will be expecting to see my sporty Solara but instead they’ll see a Ford Taurus. Oh, just kill me now. I am going to die of embarrassment. So much for having a flashy car if it’s always in the body shop for repairs.

I guess I didn’t realize this before but I have a seatbelt bruise and my neck is kinda sore. All from the impact I suppose. I hope my body recovers in time for Saturday and I don’t experience any more pain – additional stuff from the training. Ugh. I hate not having my car with me. I suppose it could be worse. I could be injured. The car could have been totaled. So many other things I won’t name. I guess this is fate telling me to wake up and be alert – a gentle nudge to take it easy and probably get more sleep. I think I’ve learned my lesson now.

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