Woe is me

I believe the heat wave is back. Yes, just confirmed on weather.com. We’ll reach 82 degrees by this weekend. So much for the cool weather; that was short lived. I think we’re going 8 miles this weekend. Ouch. However, we’re supposed to be in the 70’s starting Monday. I hope that lasts because we’re approaching the end of summer soon.

I am now experiencing phase 2 of the hidden danger zones – lower, lower back pains (right above the butt). During our training yesterday, Adrienne and I were thinking we must be experiencing a pre midlife crisis. Who in their right (read: lucid) mind signs up for a marathon in this kind of heat? But then again, the heat is short lived and during the short miles. It’ll be winter soon hence the winter season signup. We were also thinking about selling our hydration packs and everything else after the marathon. It’ll be posted on ebay as an “all-in-one marathon pack” – “get all your supplies and gear from an experienced marathoner.” Or maybe I’ll just keep mine. Who knows I might sign up for half marathons later in my life? I might become a marathon junkie. What else am I going to do with all this stuff? Hang it up and in a few years say “look kids, your mommy did a marathon once.”

The donation process is not going as I expected. The money is slowly flowing in. I’m at $930 now. I received a $50 check from my Dentist on Monday that I sent to Paycor. All this leaves me at $1,170. I made it to recommitment so I’m safe for now but I don’t even know when final funds are. I have to have the whole amount raised by then and it seems so unlikely now. *sigh* I sent an email to my uncle but he hasn’t responded. I’ve heard that family is the hardest target. How can family members be so non-supportive? Maybe because they’ve grown up with you for all your life and they can’t believe you’re actually going to participate in a marathon. Who knows? I know my uncle certainly doubted me. My parents have already donated so I can’t bug them. Other people have said they would donate but where’s the money people?

Training again today, tomorrow, and Saturday. On Saturday, we’re going out for Greek omelets at the Citrus Café. Yum! I’m thinking about taking an aerobics class to speed up the weight loss but I haven’t found one that fits with my schedule.

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