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There are currently 17 fires burning in southern California and only 5 of them are contained. Am I surprised? A little, but not really. Whenever the words “Santa Ana winds” are announced in weather reports, you can almost always expect a fire somewhere, but never 17 all at once – just 2 or 3 in […]

On Fire

It’s my first week in Lake Forest all by my lonesome and I might just have to evacuate from my new home if all these fires keep up. Almost all wild brush areas are on fire and I can guarantee everyone in southern California is breathing in smoke and their cars and outdoor possessions are […]

Bite Me Mile?

We’re at mile 12. I’m almost positive this is my “bite me” mile. The “bite me” mile is where you stay silent and internally debate the day you made the decision to sign up for a marathon. You think to yourself “am I nuts?” It’s cold, everything hurts, and I’m wasting my precious weekend on […]

Slowly, but surely

My battle with Laryngitis and Bronchitis is finally over. I took the last of the Penicillin on Monday. Thank God! The Penicillin always left a burnt tire after taste in my mouth but hey, it healed my lungs. This battle started on September 26th and ended on October 8th – 13 days. Ouch. The weather […]

Sicky poo

I feel like I’ve been sick forever. I remember waking up last Wednesday and not being able to talk and that turned into a persistent cough which led to Bronchitis which worsened and with every cough I felt like vomiting (and sometimes actually did) and that went on to sleepless nights which led me back […]

Double Digits

In celebration of double digits (10 miles! Woohoo!), we trained at the Yorba Regional Park with all the teams – Yorba Linda, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, and us – OC Coast. Also in celebration of double digits, they set up a mock marathon setting for us which gave us a taste for what a real marathon […]