Bite Me Mile?

We’re at mile 12. I’m almost positive this is my “bite me” mile. The “bite me” mile is where you stay silent and internally debate the day you made the decision to sign up for a marathon. You think to yourself “am I nuts?” It’s cold, everything hurts, and I’m wasting my precious weekend on this and I have to get up really early in the morning for 5 long months.” Yes, I am nuts.

As a result of your internal debate, you ignore your poor running mate and when they ask you if everything is ok you snap back and say “of course everything is ok! Does it look like ‘everything is not ok’?” And your poor mate falls back a few steps and lets you brew in your inner struggle until the next mile when you turn around and ask “hey, what happened?” and they snap back and say “nothing happened! Can’t a girl just relax a little without all the questions?” And you shrug your shoulders and wonder “geez, what’s her problem?”

See. We didn’t go 12 miles. Our chalk marker that tells us “yey, you’re half way there! Now turn around and go back” got erased with the rain so Coach Paul was our marker but he was an extra mile or so out and we were all wondering “did we go too far?” But our marker was nowhere to be found so we continued forward as if nothing had happened and I checked my Nano – the Nike+ read “7.87” which meant if were to turn around now we’d be doing about 14-15 miles easy. Madness. But did we turn around? Nope. We continued forward and then we spotted Coach Paul at an even 8 miles. We did 16 miles! I guess at this point there really is no difference between 12 and 16. During the double digits, everything just blends together until the pain settles in and your feet start to hurt and the pain travels up to your legs, your hip flexors, and your lower back and that’s what they call the “bite me” mile – when you’re in so much pain you can’t even think straight and you just want to be done but then everything goes numb and you’re ok. It’s hard to explain. You just have to make a crazy decision like this and experience it for yourself. :)

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