Double Digits

In celebration of double digits (10 miles! Woohoo!), we trained at the Yorba Regional Park with all the teams – Yorba Linda, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, and us – OC Coast. Also in celebration of double digits, they set up a mock marathon setting for us which gave us a taste for what a real marathon is like complete with professional photographers along the course, themed water stops (each team setup a themed water stop and all team members had to vote for the best one at the end), energy snacks, energy drinks, you name it, it was there.

All this celebration meant an early start time. I really wanted to stay in bed and say “look hey I have laryngitis and I really shouldn’t be out there in the cold, etc.” but how great would that look? I missed practice last Saturday because of my leg and I’ll be missing another one this Saturday because of Pismo and that would be 3 practices in a row. Ouch! So I begrudgingly got my butt up at 4 and hauled ass to Yorba Linda. It was very, very dark and cold. Also, I got lost looking for the park and the rest of my team members. I reached the main entrance and it was locked! I called Jen and she told me I had to head back towards Imperial Avenue and park in the dirt and that’s where the team was. Dirt? Man, I just got my car back from the body shop and it’s all clean, sparkly, and new. Oh well.

We left the park area and started on the Imperial Woods Trails. As the sun rose and the day broke out, we were able to see more details about our new surroundings. The first part of the trail ran parallel to a canal and the 91 freeway and as you crossed over the bridge the 91 slowly disappeared and you’re left alone with the canal and a variety of trees. It was very relaxing despite the amount of physical activity we were putting ourselves through. On this trail, I realized the beauty of embracing the morning and being “one with the elements.” In our day to day activities, we fail to realize our surroundings and how beautiful this world really is. All we see is the present, our problems, what we have to do next, our miseries, etc and we fail to stop and notice the sunset, the sunrise, what a beautiful day it might be, the smell after the rain. If we were to take a moment, we might just realize that it’s not that bad. I guess it depends on the person and the issue at hand. I guess you can say this marathon has really opened my eyes. Again, I’m being cheesy but at least I’m being honest. I’m up early on the weekends (something I rarely do). I’m exercising (again, something I rarely do). I feel better about myself and I have a new appreciation for life. What could be better than that? And in the end, I’ll have completed a marathon. Even better.

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