There are currently 17 fires burning in southern California and only 5 of them are contained. Am I surprised? A little, but not really. Whenever the words “Santa Ana winds” are announced in weather reports, you can almost always expect a fire somewhere, but never 17 all at once – just 2 or 3 in opposite locations.

There is a mad frenzy for air purifiers, candles, lighters, water, dried food, and flashlights. People have their cars packed with their essentials and their TVs, radios, and internet tuned to every news station in case they have to evacuate. Everyone is affected by this fire – whether it is their house or a loved one.

My mad mind is thinking that this might be some mastermind terrorist attack. Terrorist attacks don’t necessarily have to be on a grand scale. They can be something small that has a lasting impact and if they’ve done their research they would know that we are vulnerable to these fires. The Santiago Canyon fire had 3 separate starts and was close to the Cleveland National Forest and the affluent communities of Orange County. Most of these fires are located in areas that would amount to the most damage and the damage estimated is already over $1 billion.

In other news, mid week and Saturday training has been cancelled. The air quality is poor and last night, I could see the fire burning in the hills and this morning, I awoke to find smoke surrounding the building and I panicked for a second thinking the fire was in the hills near my apartment but it had drifted down from the hills nearby and because the Santa Ana winds have now died down the smoke will hang until another wind storm or rain.

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