On Fire

It’s my first week in Lake Forest all by my lonesome and I might just have to evacuate from my new home if all these fires keep up. Almost all wild brush areas are on fire and I can guarantee everyone in southern California is breathing in smoke and their cars and outdoor possessions are covered in ash. That’s just how bad it is down here. State officials have issued warnings telling us not to be outside. Ok, sure. How am I supposed to get to work? What if I need something? We’ve also been told to train indoors. This will definitely keep up until the weekend, so I wonder if training will be cancelled or held indoors somehow. *sigh*

I always hear about fires in southern California but I never imagined there would be one close to me. I’m currently dealing with the Santiago Canyon fire. It shut down the 241 tollway that is about a mile away from me and my main connector route. I now have to drive 5 miles to the 5 freeway. Ugh. So much for the convenience.

So I’m hoping and praying that nothing happens to all the new possessions I just bought. I haven’t even got renter’s insurance yet. The timing couldn’t be worse. I guess we’ll see how it goes. In other news, I’m slowly unpacking. I have boxes all over the place and I was able to get most of my laundry done. I just have to wash everything that was in boxes for a while – that will take some time so I’ll just leave those as is for now. I need to buy some Tupperware for all my India collections – shawls, shirts, etc and another one for all my purses. :) Slowly but surely it’ll all come together nicely. I just hope it doesn’t burn down in the process. *crossing fingers* We could really use some rain right now.

Map of southern California fires:

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