In Perspective

The Santiago Canyon fire is one of two yet to be fully contained. Firefighters expect to contain the fire by Tuesday. This fire has been burning for two weeks and because of this fire we have had to cancel training and this past weekend we had to move training to Huntington Beach. Training on the beach and hearing Coach Paul’s evacuation story have put a lot of things in perspective for me. We are all truly lucky to be where we are and we are lucky that we get to train in such great locations and have the ability to make it through all this. I haven’t been training properly in two weeks because of everything that’s been going on and I wasn’t really sore this time. I think my body is getting used to this..finally!

These two weeks have truly been an ominous experience. I’ve been stuck on and for two weeks fearing that the fire might cross lines into my territory. The fire is burning in the Saddleback hills that are about 5 miles from where I just moved and some of our team members had to evacuate because of it. We have all been affected one way or another and because of this experience we have realized just how precious life is and how one event can change everything much like cancer. Hearing that you just might lose your house and your possessions is almost similar to hearing that something is attacking your body. Hearing that a fire is creeping closer to your house and you need to evacuate is almost similar to hearing that one by one your cells and your organs are being attacked unless you act quickly. However, houses and possessions can be rebuilt and re-bought; cancer spreads quicker than any fire and can often take your life unless we collect the funds necessary to find the cure and extinguish the cause.

As a team we have raised $100,000+. I am a mere $238 away from my goal. I would like to thank my family and friends for all of their support and for helping me get to my goal.

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