The Last Saturday

Saturday was my last training day with the team. There’s still two more training days left but I will miss them both because I’ll be out of town visiting family for the holidays. It’s hard to believe that this journey is over and the marathon is only a few weeks away. My thoughts flash back to the info meeting to when I first met the coach, my mentor, and everyone else on my team and thought to myself “there’s no way I’m going to be able to do this” and now here I am. I’ve raised the money, I’ve gone the distance, and now all I need to do is complete my final event.


Someone poke me. No, don’t poke me just gently nudge me awake. I have blisters, my feet and legs hurt and my body is overwhelmed by all the work it’s had to do over the past 5 months. This past Friday, I went in search of replacement shoes because my Nike’s were killing me and were no longer able to absorb any shock. It was supposed to be a simple procedure – walk into Road Runner Sports, grab my shoes, pay for them, and continue on with my Friday. However, my shoes were discontinued! Discontinued in 5 months?? And the new model would be available in the Spring? Why me? So what did that mean? It meant I had to be fitted into brand new shoes which isn’t a good thing so late in the season and rightfully so because 10 miles into training, I was screaming in pain and I didn’t know why. Coach heard me and saw me wobbling with an excruciating look on my face and told me I had to be swept off the course. Swept??? I had never been swept before and I told him I would just continue walking but he didn’t want me to injure myself further so I begrudgingly climbed into his SUV and took off to homebase.

Back home, I pulled off my shoes and slowly pulled off my socks that were stuck to my foot and BAM! Two big blisters on both heels. Ouch! Coach and everyone else instructed me to pop them, cleanse them, and keep my feet up. Kind of hard to keep your feet up when you’re home alone so I decided to order pizza and watch LOST and some other movies. *sigh*

With great luck, I was able to find my old shoes online and I will return my troubled pair today. Hopefully, I will recover soon and be back on my feet.

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