Archives for January 2010

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

As athletes, our lives are filled daily with mention of energy bars, gu, sports beans, and sports drinks that we often forget about real food. None of the above have enough sustenance to maintain our bodies for the long haul – they only serve as a quick fix in an emergency or when an energy […]

Black Toe Joe

One day after a significant amount of training you might come home, remove your shoes, and notice a black toenail. Don’t panic.  Instead, be proud.  Sounds insane but a black toenail is seen as a success symbol.  It’s ugly and unsightly but don’t you dare cover it up with a band aid or some nail […]

Running Salty

An unexpected visitor showed up on my doorstep today in the wee hours of the morning.  She gave me a wicked grin and came with her usual baggage of cramps and bloating. I dulled her effects with a dizzying array of pain medication, tea, and a heating pad.  Finally, around 7AM I sent her packing […]

An Easy 6 Miles.

It’s the new year. An opportunity for most to get a jump start, have a clean slate, and let go of past fears that may be haunting them. Like most, for several years, I’ve been struggling with the same resolution to finally get back into shape and it’s so easy to give up within the […]