An Easy 6 Miles.

It’s the new year. An opportunity for most to get a jump start, have a clean slate, and let go of past fears that may be haunting them. Like most, for several years, I’ve been struggling with the same resolution to finally get back into shape and it’s so easy to give up within the first few months and call yourself a quitter and move onto whatever else you had planned.  I don’t know why this resolution often gets ignored; it’s usually the first priority on everyone’s list but as time moves on excuses get made and that’s how the health care industry capitalizes on our failures.

This year I’m finally going to resolve to do different.  I started off by not making a resolution.  I’ve never been a big believer in diets anyway.  Everyday you hear something’s good for you and then you immediately hear it’s bad.  Who can keep up?  I have however resolved to be more active.  That I can handle.  It doesn’t feel like a resolution, just something I’ve added into the daily mix of my life.

A good friend of mine called texted me. Don’t you just love that?  With the advent of modern technology, you no longer have to pick up the phone anymore, you can simply text or email to confirm plans and eliminate the need for all human contact. I love it but anyway, she wanted to know if I could get together today and do an easy 6 miles in preparation for the Surf City marathon in February.  And you’re probably thinking an easy 6 miles???  Who says easy and 6 miles in the same sentence?  Trust me.  I would have never said that.  It takes time and practice to be able to utter that sentence and mean it.

We met up at our old spot again – Heritage Park.  Remnants of the LA marathon season were there cheering on their participants.  It feels good to be back and amongst old friends.  We set off to do our miles and on the way we were planning breakfast again like old times.  It’s been a year since I’ve been active with the team but it’s funny how things fall into place almost immediately.

At Ruby’s with Coach Paul we were discussing our upcoming season at the end of January.  Wow, that’s coming up fast.  We talked about our goals and pace groups.  I’m happy that Coach Paul is willing to work with what I want to do and is open minded about some of my training strategies for this year.  It’s almost like 2008 again and like 2009 and my year long break never happened except I need to get back into shape if I want to be a solid assistant coach.  I’m excited about this year.

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