Archives for February 2010

Runner’s High

One day, I found myself wondering what it would be like to just start running – to not think, just run. A coach of mine in high school told me that running was all mental and if I embraced it, it would be easier for me. I remember lacing up my shoes, putting on my […]

Speeding Tickets and the Laws of Attraction

Recently, a good friend of mine talked about the laws of attraction at our weekly Wednesday BNI meeting.  She told us to be aware of what we’re attracting to us and be positive. However, sometimes you just can’t help what you attract and for what reason until it becomes clear much later.  What do I […]

#TNT Mission Moment

Each week, our campaign manager Vicki sends out an email and a reminder as to why we’re running and raising money to find a cure.  In these emails, she includes a mission moment. It makes us think back and reflect a little.  They’re not particularly witty but they come from the heart of survivors and […]


On Saturday, January 30th, the summer season kicked off.  Pulling into a high school in the city of Santa Ana I was instantly reminded of my first kickoff – the anxiety, the frayed nerves but today I was a different woman.  I had a few years of experience under my belt, a few notches by […]