Speeding Tickets and the Laws of Attraction

Recently, a good friend of mine talked about the laws of attraction at our weekly Wednesday BNI meeting.  She told us to be aware of what we’re attracting to us and be positive.

However, sometimes you just can’t help what you attract and for what reason until it becomes clear much later.  What do I mean by that? A year ago yesterday, I was in a rush to get to work and as a result I was speeding and got pulled over, given a ticket, and later laid off from my job. As a result, the year wasn’t what I wanted it to be and went through many obstacles. This year, things have turned up a little.  I’ve started my own business, I had just gotten back from an awesome Valentine’s getaway, and I was headed to lunch with my partner in crime and being on that high I noticed flashing lights and I’m was being pulled over again. Another speeding ticket except this time the cop is nice and tells me, I kid you not, “I hope your day gets better.” I didn’t think it would but a few hours later, my dream came true.  I got an email telling me I could write for an online newspaper.  I have always wanted to write professionally and here it was – my big chance. 

Are speeding tickets the key to my future?  Was it merely a coincidence that I happened to get a ticket on the same day as last year?  Is this all nonsense?  I suppose I’ll never know but it is true what they say about the laws of attraction. Obviously I wanted something but I got a little more than I bargained for.


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