Team in Raining?

It’s unfortunate that my last blog post is from kickoff. Our OC marathon team has accomplished a lot since then. They have passed the re-commitment point, dared the double digits, trained in rainy weather, and truly dug deep to find themselves. At this point, our team is truly dedicated to the task at hand – finding a cure and crossing that finish line. I couldn’t be happier to be out there with them training, learning about their battles, and getting to know the amazing individuals that will cross those finish lines in June at San Diego and Seattle.

Each Saturday, while I struggle to get up in the wee hours of the morning to face my team, I’m forever grateful for having signed up and joining. Now as a coach, that decision is forever solidified as a new wave of participants come on board to train for their first marathon.

I have also overcome some personal obstacles. I no longer experience a shooting burning pain running up my legs thanks for the shin splint exercise taught to me by my boot camp instructor and the warm ups. I’ve gotten faster and stronger and thanks for my chiropractor I’ve learned about a degenerative spine issue that almost had me in tears but with constant adjustments we can correct it over time. So like the rest of the team, I’m not without my own issues. If anything, I’d like them all to know it’s ok when you have an injury. We all get them- even the coaches.

This particular Saturday was a little heartbreaking. Several of our participants were feeling the effects of the long miles and upset that they couldn’t go forward and continue. I wish I could have talked to them all. I personally stopped a few and called for pickup. It can be difficult to abandon the course but remember, you come first – not your race. Listen to your body, listen to your coaches, and rest up. We don’t want your injury to cause further damage and prevent you from running your race. A few missed practices won’t affect you.

Speaking of running a race, we’re only a few months away and I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. A few days ago, San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll sold out and I was late in getting registered. I’m hoping by some miracle I can race with my team, if not I’ll be a proud cheerleader waiting at the finish line for them all to come in.

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