In honor of Coach John

This week took a sad turn when we learned that assistant coach John had been admitted to the hospital. John has been free of cancer for 10 years and contributed back to the cause in over $80,000 worth of donations through various fundraisers.  I vividly remember the day he shared his story and sent a silent prayer. How could fate take such a cruel turn and attack his body again?

We ran in honor of John and were pleased to know that he was texting from his bedside, in good spirits, and still planning his annual golf tournament for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. His courage and optimism during this difficult time in his life gives me hope and renewed strength.

We are a short 4 weeks from the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon and it’s hard to believe that this season is almost at an end. I still remember kickoff and meeting all of my new team mates. It has been an honor to serve as coach and be at everyone’s side as they conquer their miles and get ready for the big day. This Saturday saw us at 9 miles for the half and 12 miles for the full. As the walk coach, I take my group wherever they want to go and this week was a challenge. We are either stuck in pouring down rain or the steady sun beating down on us. This week, we were dealing with the sun. It was a beautiful day that quickly turned hot. A hot day can be dangerous if you’re not prepared with salt, electrolytes, and proper nutrition. Our group faced some challenges but I’m proud of them for sticking through it and making it back to the finish at home base. It’s not easy having an obstacle but it’s the only way we learn what’s best for our bodies and how to prepare for race day.

My biggest regret was working out the day before. While I enjoyed the circuit training, it left me a bit sore for Saturday’s training and I realized my foot was still giving my problems. I’m still a little sore today but mostly recovered. I’m excited that my back is no longer an issue – one step at a time I guess. If I can heal my foot pains, I’ll be the perfect marathoner. Go Team!

Photo of Stacey and me at the half way point.

The TNT Summer Team

*All photos courtesy of Stacey Stallard.

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