Smallville: Salvation Delivers

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the Blur! No, wait that can’t be right. The Blur can’t fly. So what the heck is that red and blue thing flying in the sky and why is it 2013? Why is Lois Lane the ace reporter? And oh look Olsen is right by her side and Perry White is the editor.

Snap! Clark wakes up and there’s a black box by his bedside. A present from the Red Queen (his mother) and a note that reads “if you choose to stay..” We see the red and blue flash in his eyes. This has already turned into a promising episode and we’ve only just begun. Are you finally giving us what fans have long waited for? Is Clark getting his wings?

In the season finale, Clark finally faces Zod but not before he does some damage. Tess confronts him in the fortress only to be left half burned. Two face anyone? She dies a merciless death while an odd looking granny watches over her. I have a feeling Tess will be reborn and we’ll see a new form of demons for Clark to battle in season 10.

Zod’s new army complete with powers also tackles the world and starts a path of destruction and chaos while the Justice League works around the clock to stop them. It was nice to see their allegience to Clark even though it was via the Watchtower screens. Chloe and Oliver also mend their relationship but unfortunately Oliver is overtaken by force as he works to bring a satellite online. We all saw that coming except the Kandorians didn’t take him hostage as spoken by his last words before saying “I love you.” Aww.

The final fight is between Zod and Clark. Lois is deceived by Zod and under the shadows learns that Clark is really the Blur. I hope this revelation continues into the next season. The showdown on top of the Metropolis skyline begins when Clark attempts to activate the Book of Rao to send the Kandorians home except they refuse and when Zod confesses his betrayal via whisper and his team learns of his deceit all thanks to powers he worked to restore (let’s just call that poetic justice), his army steps down and joins forces with Clark but Zod has another trick up his sleeve – blue kryptonite which he knows will render their powers useless so while the Kandorians take flight he starts a man to man fight and Clark agrees to sacrifice himself which sends Zod through the portal and Clark left falling off a building.

The season ends leaving us guessing whether or not Clark will live. Will Jones or the Justice League save him or will Clark pull out the blue kryptonite, get over his mental block, and fly? The latter is what the fans are hoping for but we’ll have to wait a year to find out. 

Photo courtesy of CW.


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