Workshop Squared #LivingFromChoice

Driving home tonight, I had a renewed sense of faith about the direction I was heading. A goal that was on my horizon came to the forefront of my mind. I could touch, taste, and realize it. Moreover, I was grateful to be surrounded by two powerful sources in my life – my SoCal mom Sandy and my best friend Trina. It has been absolutely amazing to go through this work with them and create a deeper bond. They are my family and I love them.

The premise of this workshop as described via email was vague. What is workshop? Are we doing it? etc. I could feel the programs as I was reading. Didn’t we learn this already? Can we learn something else? Why are we going backwards? After tonight I’ve realized not to question anything Lyla and Tim do. I’ve known this already but ignored it. They know their work and what they’re teaching us. There is a purpose behind every workshop so I should remain open-minded to the work and embrace it.

We touched briefly on workshop during our seminar but that was only the tip of the iceberg. It was an introduction to a powerful tool and tonight we were given the manual to operate it. Workshop is an area in your mind where you go to “work” on yourself and others. You create your dream, you visual it on the screen of your mind, and you set your assistants to work on achieving it. The other aspect of workshop is to invite others. These are your caseworkers. They are suffering from something. Set your assistants to work on them and when they are done operating on your caseworkers wish them well and a life of abundance. The idea: live a life of contribution and the universe will provide for you. Do not be afraid to set your intentions high. Make your assistants work around the clock. Also, be specific. You will get exactly what you wish for.

Workshop is your genie. Your wish is workshop’s command. You can use it for instant things like a parking spot upfront, tickets to a private concert, etc however once you receive your instant gift be sure to go back and give to the universe that which you received to someone else. Pay it forward.

Workshop should be conducted live – in an active environment like nature. Operate at a high vibration, set a clear intention, and connect with the super conscious and prepare to be amazed.

Workshop is an area where I struggle. I have it created but I can never stay inside it long enough to visualize my goal and set my assistants to work. I’m impatient and want to leave meaning I don’t want to take the time to work on what I want. I just want results and I want them now which we all know (including me) isn’t how the world operates. How will I get what I want if I don’t know how to get what I want? I have to focus on what I want, set the intention, and focus on it everyday instead expecting it to come at me without a game plan. However this requires 20-30 minutes of workshop time daily and I have to devote myself to that.

We also examined the situations around us. I realized I have no connection to the universe. I don’t believe in the super conscious and nothing about me says I’m one with my surroundings. My life is an existence of fake everything from silk plants to credit cards. The silk plants symbolize my failed relationships. If I was surrounded by something I was nurturing – a plant, a dog etc I would be lead a life of thriving, healthy relationships but yet one of the things I’m famous for saying is “I kill house plants” meaning I exhibit a very toxic attitude and I should be avoided. Yikes! I also find myself paying for everything with credit cards claiming I’m a credit card girl and “hate carrying cash.” Someone with a “wealthy mindset” should “never hate carrying cash.” Money is a direct reflection of you. Credit cards are an illusion and authentic wealthy people carry cash. At the end of the day, where do I want to be?

As a parting thought, we examined the story of Oolong Tea. In the face of adversity, I often become the carrot or the egg depending on what the obstacle is. I put up my walls or I melt away instead of remaining strong and changing the situation around me to make it positive. I found my “a-ha” moment there. It was much like the “when life hands you lemons make lemonade” scenario but I never related to that analogy until today. Maybe it’s because I’m a tea drinker or maybe it’s because I truly now understand what that phrase means.

You could say that today my mind had an etch a sketch moment. I shook my brain free of limiting thoughts and drew a new picture of my future. I set my intentions to serve a client a day and live a life of living vs a fake persona. It’s not going to happen overnight but I’m re-wired, ready to infect change, and ready to go.

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