Happy Father’s Day!

It isn’t typical for an Indian woman to have the relationship with her Father that I do. I suppose if we were living in India that would be the case or not. My parents left India in their teens and never looked back except to visit as tourists. In a typical household setting, the Father figure would demand that the women run the household chores while he and his son accomplished the “bigger things in life.” My Dad has never followed that model or logic of thinking – in fact we were always first in his life and treated as equals.

I have fond memories of my Dad coming home from Spreckals (a sugar plant) tired and ready for bed. He worked an odd assortment of shifts for nearly all my life. However, before he would go to bed, he would listen to stories about my day, what I wanted to do, and sit in the kiddie pool outside while I jumped up and down on him repeatedly. My energy and passion for life kept him going. I also remember us sneaking off to get ice cream after each Dentist appointment and going shopping to avoid my Mom’s “honey do” list. If I told him I had an idea, he told me I could do it.

I have watched as my Dad struggled to find his purpose in the world. He was never happy working at Spreckals but his family needed to be fed. He found a passion in farming so he took a risk and bought a farm. He farmed for 10+ years, got bored of it, and moved onto something else. Now he’s a franchisee. He has always embraced a zest for life and whatever he has done and told me to do the same.

While being an amazing family man, my Dad radiates sunshine in every aspect of his life. He can light up a room as soon as he walks in and his personality has won over everyone he’s ever met. I have jokingly called him a ladies man but he only has one true love and that’s my Mother. His undying love and commitment is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This morning when I called to wish him Happy Father’s Day he was upset that he had hurt her hand even though they both were responsible for what happened but that’s the thing about my Father, he will always take the blame and accept responsibility.

I can not truly thank him enough for the gifts he has bestowed upon me. I am proud to be Daddy’s girl.

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