iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo (#SMMOC)

Last Saturday, I had my first opportunity to visit the Social Media Mastermind group of Orange County hosted by Bob Watson (@TopBrokerOC) and his wonderful wife Kathy Klingaman (@KathyKlingaman). The discussion topics usually revolve around what’s current in social media however this week, we focused on the pros and cons of the iPhone 4 vs the HTC Evo.

I once said that if Apple sold toilet paper people would be in the same frenzy to buy it; just because it’s Apple and their brand has become insanely popular. Even if there’s a far superior product out there, brand loyalty will drive people vs quality. I know because I’m one of them. Once I got the iPhone, I never looked back. I refuse to check out other phones, won’t read anything about them, and have my blinders on. Apple got what they wanted out of me – a brand junkie. I even want an iPad and a MacBook Pro. I’ve been a PC for all my life. How insane is that?? Perhaps, I need to join a tech junkie self help group or I need to be more open-minded about other technology. Or, could it simply be OK to be fiercely loyal to one brand? We are so brainwashed by ads and commercials we can’t even think straight thoughts and create a rational thought process for our decisions and behaviors. I suspect that’s what big retailers want us to do – trick ourselves into buying something we think we deserve without questioning the motive or logic behind it. Check out this video for an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL7yD-0pqZg

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