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Marathon Traditions: The Pasta Dinner

This Sunday, I will be running the San Francisco Marathon. It’ll be my 9th race and like all races, I’m nervous and excited. The anticipation has got me thinking about a tradition I’ve observed since 2007 (when I first started racing), the pasta dinner. In the most simple terms, a pasta dinner makes sense. We […]

Give it a Whrrl and Go Try It

The year 2010 has been deemed the year of geolocation social networks. With the rise of check-ins, specials for Foursquare mayors, and fighting your way to be the Duke or Duchess on Yelp where does Whrrl come along and what does it have to offer? Is it just another check-in app? Yes and no. If […]

Networking Etiquette 101: Remembering Names

My name is Sukhraj. I’ll be the first to admit it’s not the easiest name to pronounce or remember.  All too often at networking events, I get blank stares when it comes to me.  My name isn’t as easy as Sally, Beth, or Linda but it’s my name nonetheless. What are you going to do […]

The Gym, Treadmills, and Sweat..Oh My!

It takes 21 days to form a habit and since the end of summer season in June I’ve been struggling to pick a date to create that habit. Excuses are convenient when you’re trying to accomplish a major milestone in your life. It’s easy to talk yourself out of going to the gym because you’re […]

Social Media: Get Started and Stay in the Game

Impressed with my first meeting of the Social Media Mastermind group of Orange County, I found it within myself to join them again this Saturday morning. Not being an early morning person, this was a huge feat but once there I’m always happy to be amongst the sharp minds of OC. At the tail end […]

Twitter: What Do I Say? Who Cares?

It’s always exciting when I’m sitting down with a new client, we open up the Twitter web page, and then I hear a brief sigh followed by “OK, so what’s this Twitter stuff all about?” What do I say? Who cares? And do I have to tweet about what I ate for lunch?” It’s a […]