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A BIG Thank You to Clover Stornetta

Late in July, I visited northern California for the San Francisco marathon and also took an opportunity to explore the area for a week.  While, I was there I visited the Sonoma County Fair in Santa Rosa and for a few hours, the Clover Stornetta booth was giving away free vanilla ice cream. If you […]

Social Media: A Simple Starter’s Guide

You’ve heard the term social media floating around and thought “I should probably include that in my marketing plan.” However for some reason it slipped your mind or you considered the technology to be intimidating. What if I told you it was as simple as watching grass grow and could be a major addition to […]


Yes, I just said Fartleks. Don’t get excited. Fartleks have nothing to do with flatulence.  In fact, it’s a Swedish name for speed play.  Fartleks are useful for training. They are split up into intervals and encourage you to test your speed and endurance.  If you’re looking to improve your time, it’s encouraged that you […]

31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge

On July 2nd, I started this WordPress site in an effort to combine all my blogs and build a dynamic blogging site. While building and customizing this site, I also flirted with the idea of starting this challenge. I have read Darren Rowse’s book: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income however the […]

Thai It, You’ll Like It

If I didn’t know any better, I’d assume my blog was taken over by anything and everything Thai lately. I guess you could blame that on a recent wine tasting event, getting to know Kanchana Rubino and all she does at Sweet Basil, and developing an interest in trying her food. This all led to […]

Thai and Toes: A Spa Day at the Park

For every day that I get a rare occasion to wake up and greet the sun, I am thankful that I didn’t miss that moment even though it’s an hour that I would usually be spending in bed because of my night owl nature. However those pre-dawn hours speak for themselves: the air is crisp, […]

13 is just another number, isn’t it?

I woke up today to realize it was Friday the 13th and didn’t give it another thought. However those thoughts were soon interrupted by constant Facebook/Twitter updates about how this was an unlucky day. While I’m a firm believer in making your own luck, I couldn’t help but notice the paranoia of my Facebook and […]

The San Francisco Marathon: Worth the Hurt?

On July 25th, I made a feeble attempt to run the San Francisco marathon. I skipped traditional pasta dinner and had pizza at the hotel restaurant. If you’re a marathon aficionado, you know the rules: nothing new before race day and by trying something new I think I sealed my fate. I woke up at […]

Automated Direct Messages on Twitter: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

As businesses begin using Twitter as a part of their marketing strategy, every once in a while a follower will get hit with an automated direct message.  To save time and make instant contact, businesses use tools like TweetSpinner to send out a message that often links to a Facebook page, website, or blog.  However, […]

Nostalgia in the North

Late last month, I headed north for the San Francisco marathon (my 9th marathon and 2nd on the list for the CA Dreamin’ series).  The drive is long and tiring; about 6-7 hours total which leaves room for a lot of thought while staring at nothing but rolling hills and smelling the various dairies you […]