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A Letter to Facebook

Dear Facebook, I love you. I really do. I joined early on before I even knew what you could become or what power you held over me. I joined because my sister told me you were “cool.” I left Friendster and MySpace to be with you. That’s how loyal I am. I was there amongst […]

Knowledge is Power

I always wonder why people are so hesitant to change or think they know it all.  If we were all to keep an open mind, we could expand our knowledge and fill our heads with all the wonderful ideas and concepts around us. We could learn and grow from on another vs. envying what the […]

Audio Blog: Why I Love BNI and You Will Too

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, know me in real life, or catch my Foursquare updates, you’ll realize that every Wednesday morning I’m at a golf course for something other than golf (a game I know nothing of but admire the courses and club houses very much). So what exactly am I doing […]

Always Remember: Safety First

I get a craving and one of two things happen: I satisfy the craving hence crave it no more or it’s so great I crave it for life. Well, the cupcake craving is dying a hard death. In its infancy, it has led me on a mad search for all things cupcake and left me […]

Audio Blog: A Shoutout to Social Media

This weekend was simply amazing and as I sit here and reflect I have social media to thank for all these wonderful people in my life. I recorded this audio blog in honor of social media, this weekend, and for all those that haven’t started on social media or are thinking of quitting due to […]

Lone Star Sneak Preview (Thanks to Klout and Fox Networks)

Lone Star is a new Fall drama set to air on Fox Networks beginning Monday night at 9/8 central.  Thanks to social media and an influential network I was able to preview the show before it aired. A company called Klout partnered with Fox Networks to send a few social networkers on either a red […]

Social Media and ROI: What are you Measuring?

This morning, I spent about 2 hours explaining social media and how it works. I don’t mind this time. If they get it, the time was well spent; if they don’t then I know that’s an area of my business I need to work on. The conversation went well but I could still see the […]

ConnectOC 2.0: Bigger and Better

If you missed Thursday’s event, shame on you. I am still in awe at how amazingly successful it was and the attention to detail by the organizers. I am honored to be in their presence and grateful to call them my friends. I arrived early to be part of the OC Bloggers table and was […]

Audio Blog: Childhood Dreams

As a kid, it’s easy to dream that anything is possible. No one has told you it isn’t. So I wonder why as adults we suddenly put barriers on ourselves. While on vacation in Santa Cruz, I observed a little girl running up to her Dad. The excitement was evident on both their faces. If […]

Connect with the Best of OC on Sept. 9th

If you missed the first ConnectOC event back in February, be sure to mark your calendar for this Thursday’s event which will draw 500 people from all over Orange County to one spot – the Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa at 3050 Bristol St.  Why do you want attend? Where else can you be in […]