Always Remember: Safety First

I get a craving and one of two things happen: I satisfy the craving hence crave it no more or it’s so great I crave it for life. Well, the cupcake craving is dying a hard death. In its infancy, it has led me on a mad search for all things cupcake and left me standing an hour and a half on a dark street in Fountain Valley where I froze to death, complained about my aching back, but still made it inside for what was supposed to be this great cupcake showdown.

Once I finally made it to the registration table, got my pass, and joined the mob inside all the cupcakes were gone and the gracious bakers were selling their last batches. Yeah, thanks. I’ll take what everyone else doesn’t want or stand in another line for the lone food truck outside in the cold and freeze yet again.

I made a few contacts, took a quick glance around, snapped a few photos, and left with my phone in hand happily tweeting and facebooking with my online friends out in the dark streets of Fountain Valley and walked back to my car that was parked very far away. I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings and before I knew it I was suddenly surrounded by two men. I quickly processed my situation: alone, no one in sight and the venue with the flash mob of sugar fiends wasn’t anywhere close. I was carrying a heavy purse, didn’t have my keys in my hand as armor, my flip flops could hardly defend me, and what was I going to do? Throw my iPhone at them?  I have had 2 years of IMPACT self defense training however tonight I was ill equipped, defenseless, and feeling foolish for being so wrapped up in my online world and not being aware that I could potentially be walking into a dangerous situation.

Despite what I felt, I retreated back to what I learned and I was surprised that I could remain calm, access the situation, and find the strength to fight if I needed to. Luckily a warehouse worker was getting off his shift and came out to see what was going on, the two men dispersed and he watched from afar as I walked to my car with the iPhone tucked away, and my mind and body intact with my surroundings and what was around me.

I learned an important lesson today and perhaps one that others can relate to. While my situation didn’t turn out to be serious, it could have.  Whenever you find yourself out and about, always remember: safety first and anything you have going on can wait until you’re in your car or back at home.

Photo courtesy of spcbrass

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