Audio Blog: A Shoutout to Social Media

On my Phone (quite possibly tweeting or texting)

This weekend was simply amazing and as I sit here and reflect I have social media to thank for all these wonderful people in my life. I recorded this audio blog in honor of social media, this weekend, and for all those that haven’t started on social media or are thinking of quitting due to privacy concerns. All I ask in return is that you stay open-minded to this technology and where it’s headed. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, share a little and make new friends. You have no idea where those connections will lead to and how they might change your life for the better. Read the article on CNN.

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  • Julie

    I love this piece, Sukhraj! I am slowly realizing myself how powerful social media networking is. In fact, one of my Grand Opening days (October 1st) is dedicated to my facebook friends! I found my web designer, Jarrett Gucci on facebook, and he in turn introduced me to you. Both of you have been amazing contacts, not only in the business sense, but also as like-minded friends.

    • Sukhraj Beasla

      Hi Julie, thanks for visiting and listening to my audio blog. I’m honored to be part of your grand opening! I can’t wait. How exciting! :)

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