Knowledge is Power

I always wonder why people are so hesitant to change or think they know it all.  If we were all to keep an open mind, we could expand our knowledge and fill our heads with all the wonderful ideas and concepts around us. We could learn and grow from on another vs. envying what the other has and we don’t.

For the past 20 days or so, I’ve been involved in the 31 days to build a better blog challenge started by Darren Rowse (also known as @problogger on Twitter). On his tweet stream, he mentioned a group of people that were also starting this challenge and I jumped on board.  A weeks ago, one of the challenges was to find a blog buddy and I am fortunate enough to call Michelle Shaeffer, one of the founders of the group, my new blog buddy!

Michelle lives in Alaska about a minute away from a glacier, is spunky and creative, and your go to web expert. Can you believe she’s been building websites since the age of 13? Her blog is insightful, wonderful, and full of amazing tips on how to be successful while working at home and building your small business. We have a lot of the same ideas and it has been a pleasure to get to know my new blog buddy via email, Twitter, and this challenge.

During an email exchange, I noticed her cool signature. It had a picture, links to her social sites, and one thing I practically liked – an RSS feed that imported her latest blog post. Talk about an excellent way to get anyone you email to read your blog! It was genius and I had to have it. I inquired and received my answer. The signature is provided by WiseStamp and it’s an app that works with your browser and 3rd party emails. If you want more info, you can read Michelle’s blog post where she has a step by step guide on creating this signature.

Here’s what my cool signature looks like now:

So if I hadn’t been on Twitter at 6 in the morning, I would have missed Darren’s tweet, missed the chance to join this group, and wouldn’t have had this cool signature or an awesome blog buddy. Crazy, eh? I love connecting the dots and discovering how I came about to learn stuff. It’s a lot better than stewing over what you don’t have. :)

Photo credit: blmurch

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  • Michelle Shaeffer

    I’m a huge fan of WiseStamp – it’s definitely helped drive more traffic to my blog. :)

    And I’m excited to be blogging with you, too! Thanks for the kind words.

    • Sukhraj Beasla

      I’m gotten some great compliments on it so thank you very much for all the helpful info!

      • Michelle Shaeffer

        You’re welcome! Glad it was helpful.

        I’m so glad Darren tweeted that and we ended up connected. It’s been great getting to know everyone who’s participating in the 31 Days Blog Challenge. Always more fun to work through a big task like that when we’ve got support.

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  • Jefferson Lim

    I agree that knowldege is power, because without knowledge we can’t do anything.
    very nice blog and nice information. Thanks very much!


    • Sukhraj Beasla

      Thank you for reading. :)