My Debut as a Video Blogger

Curiosity has been getting the best of me. As social media continues to evolve, I’ve wanted to follow its every move and dabble in all the latest things and that’s been video blogging or commonly known as “vlogging.” Being a little camera shy, I started with podcasts just to see what it would be like to project my voice out there.

Monday at the DMV, I hung out with my good friend Jarrett Gucci also known on the web as Mr. Internet Tips.  I met Jarrett via a networking group we both belong to called BNI and started working together to brainstorm how we could leverage and use social media in our businesses and also provide value to businesses in Orange County. We reconnected a few days ago to discuss my love for check-ins – a new phenomenon of 2010 and record a video for his Wassup Wednesdays.

Some of the check in apps that I use on a frequent basis are: the new Facebook places, Foursquare, Whrrl, and Yelp. I have also tried Gowalla, CauseWorld, and We Reward however there’s only so many apps you can check into before you lose sight of what you’re doing or annoy the party you’re with.  Here’s the video clip of me sharing how check-ins work, what to look out for, and how some of these platforms work. Enjoy!

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