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Do’s and Don’ts for Marathon Spectators

This weekend, I ran/walk/jogged (read: attempted) the Long Beach Half Marathon. I was amazed by the amount of spectators; it was more than I’ve ever seen at any marathon and I’ve now done 10 race events. However, my amazement quickly turned to dismay. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate spectators and the fact that they […]

2010 Blog Action Day: The Bottled Water Industry

Today is Blog Action Day, an event held worldwide that unites bloggers on a single topic to raise awareness and this year’s topic is water.  The subject of water hits close to home as I watch countless people waste their time and money on drinking bottled water, most recently I watched a friend’s passenger side […]

The McDonald’s Happy Meal Experiment

Earlier this week, a friend of mine shared an article from Yahoo! about a McDonald’s Happy Meal hamburger that resisted decomposition for 6 months.  We had a few laughs and questioned the validity of it especially McDonald’s response. This whirlwind conversation led to me wanting to try this at home. I guess it’s better than […]

Dear Universe

I know I haven’t written in a short while but lately, I’ve been questioning the universe and its motives.  Yesterday at the 140 characters conference in Los Angeles I twisted my knee and fell down the stairs. A week ago, I sprained my back and a month before that I got a foot injury. Yesterday […]