The McDonald’s Happy Meal Experiment

McDonald's Happy MealEarlier this week, a friend of mine shared an article from Yahoo! about a McDonald’s Happy Meal hamburger that resisted decomposition for 6 months.  We had a few laughs and questioned the validity of it especially McDonald’s response. This whirlwind conversation led to me wanting to try this at home. I guess it’s better than anything else you see or read on TV that shouldn’t be tried at home. What harm could a hamburger do sitting on my kitchen counter? Grow fuzz and mutate? We shall see.

I took my friend Gina Beckman with me to the Foothill Ranch McDonald’s yesterday around 5:30pm so we could film it live and prove it was actually bought and not staged at home with fake props. We got some weird looks while filming which were classic and the manager gave us a questioning look. Watch for updates as I photograph everyday and check out the video below.

If all goes well, I might try other food experiments. The Twinkie perhaps? Who knows?

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  • Words Done Write

    I take it you must have missed Super Size Me. They did an experiment with several different burgers and kept them for a long period of time. The McDonald’s burger hardly changed at all. You should watch the movie, it’s really interesting. It’s about a man who does nothing but eat a diet of McDonald’s to document the affects on his health.

    Luckily, I don’t need to worry about any of this stuff. I’m a vegetarian ^..^

    • Sukhraj Beasla

      I read Fast Food Nation and I’ve heard of the movie plus several other experiments revolving McDonald’s hamburgers. I just wanted to try it out on my own. :)

      I’ve been a vegetarian for a long time. I’m just now starting to eat meat again.

  • jeffreyfriend

    Yeah I saw that movie too – really disturbing! I’m really curious to see what happens. You should try this with an In&Out burger for comparison!

    • Sukhraj Beasla

      I think that one might be real and I’ll have a food problem in my kitchen soon! Next up is the Twinkie or the KFC chicken as someone else suggested to me. :)