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Last Thanksgiving,  the family decided it would be a great idea to hold an intervention and discuss the taboo topic of marriage with me. If you know me, it’s a touchy subject.  There’s just no way I’m going to marry some random dude they pick for me.  It’s a little more complicated than that and […]

Reclaiming the “Queen of Happiness” Title

Earlier this year (late April to be exact), I took a life changing course because my SoCal Mom Sandy told me too and she was hell bent on me being there. I saw the impact it could have on my life and dragged my BFF (Best Friend Forever) Trina in there with me. If I […]

Sometimes we just need to stop and listen

Lately I’ve realized I’ve been so caught up in my online world that I’ve ignored a few warning signs in my life. It’s nothing serious or life threatening but just some things that I’ve neglected or ignored. What brought me out of my tech coma was a simple malfunction and a lost signal. It caused […]

Sikh Awareness Month in California

In September, the state assembly passed a historic measure declaring November to be Sikh Awareness Month for the 250,00 strong Sikh community in California. Today marks the first day of cultural events all across the state. The resolution (ACR 181) was moved by Assemblyman Dan Logue (Republican), was passed unanimously by the state assembly Sept […]