Last Thanksgiving,  the family decided it would be a great idea to hold an intervention and discuss the taboo topic of marriage with me. If you know me, it’s a touchy subject.  There’s just no way I’m going to marry some random dude they pick for me.  It’s a little more complicated than that and an important life decision. It’s something I need to do alone and it involves love and finding Mr. Right. They just didn’t understand the hesitation and thought I was getting too old. Well, that was enough for me so I stewed over it for a while.

It’s not easy to be away from family.  We’re very close.  It affected me deeply and I was shedding tears of joy while pulling up into the driveway after traveling 245 miles.  I couldn’t wait to get inside and give my Mom, Dad, sister, and brother a big hug.  They greeted me like they always do – red carpet style – taking my bags, handing me a drink, and tackling me all together in a bear hug.

Since our quarrel, I’ve taken it upon myself to enroll in some personal development courses.  Part of that work involved having a conversation with my parents and letting them know my true feelings on the subject of marriage vs running away from it. I’m surprised to realize that after a year we had finally come to the same conclusion: I should get married when I’m ready and to whoever I wanted to marry.  I didn’t have to follow the strict rules of arranged marriages or marrying an Indian. My Mom even wanted to know if I was dating anyone. Wow! I was beside myself.  I’ve never had such an honest and open communication with my parents before and I could feel a lifelong weight lift from my shoulders.

A few hours ago, we had the family over for Thanksgiving.  This was another fear of mine because the aunts and uncles always like to bring up one thing: when are you getting married? I was so stressed out about this I had a migraine for 2 days. However, it all went fine. No one said anything. We all had a great time and I’ve survived another holiday. I can officially get on with my life and I’ve mended ties with my immediate family.

Sometimes an event comes along in your life that rocks the core of your foundation.  You don’t know why and what it’ll bring but usually it’s for the best. This year has changed me in many ways and led to an amazing breakthrough. I’m thankful for my family, my friends, and the small things in life that have made a huge difference.  I’m excited for what’s next in my life.

Photo courtesy of Carlaarena

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  • Julie

    I’m very happy for you, Suki. You are right to take a stand and only marry someone truly worthy of you. It’s better to be happily single than to settle for be settled for. That is why I don’t like the term “settling down”.

    • Sukhraj Beasla

      Thanks Julie! It was great to have that conversation with them. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders. :)

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