2, 4, 6, 8 Who Do You Appreciate?

In today’s #reverb10 prompt, Victoria Klein asks “what’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?”

An old song from my childhood instantly came to mind (the blog title) and I thought to myself this one is easy. I have a lot to be grateful for. While this year may not have been everything I wanted it to be, I did realize one important thing: that no matter what happens there will be people in my life that love and care enough about me even if I may forgotten about them. :( I guess I should explain how I got into that scenario. Some of you may know that I once had a high profile traveling job. I was rarely home which left little time to form any friendships or sustain the ones I had. Sadly when I got laid off, I had nothing to look forward to and didn’t dare call up my old friends to tell them I was suddenly available and at their disposal naturally this led to some withdrawals and a feeling of “what’s next in my life?”

To cope with the loss, I signed up for BNI (Business Network International) and that’s where I met my SoCal Mom and Dad, Sandy Porto and Steve Smith, who would later take me out to dinner and encourage me to start my own business and pursue my dreams. I will never forget that day.

Throughout this year, I forced myself to forge new connections and break free of the introvert shell. It’s so easy for me to maintain relationships online so when I got invited to tweetups, I turned them down until one random day in January when I decided I’d finally go check one out. Meeting people IRL (in real life) is a lot different from the random conversations you might have with them online. You get a sense for who they are, you can dig deeper, and new level of trust is born. Now that’s it almost the end of the year, those people I met in January have run marathons with me, met randomly for coffee, or gone food trucking. I’m thankful for social media and all of the wonderful friends I’ve made.

At this stage, I am not quite sure how to express my gratitude. A lot of these opportunities just sort of came to me when I needed them most in my life. While I can’t do anything about the relationships I may have sabotaged, I’m making a conscious effort to maintain the connections I’ve made this year. I can’t move forward, if I keep looking back and I can’t undo the mistakes of my past. I can’t resolve what’s been done. It is what it is. I can control what’s in the present and manifest my future, learn from the past, and keep pushing forward.

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