Inspiration from a Pizza Box

On a rainy Friday night, I didn’t want to brave the elements (mild rain storm) or venture into my kitchen to see what I could cook up. So what did I do? I grabbed my iPhone, launched the Pizza Hut app, ordered a pepperoni pizza, then checked into Foursquare and become the mayor of Pizza Hut, wrote a blog post, and waited for my pizza to arrive. Voila. Dinner was served and I was a happy camper.

While I sat eating my pizza and breadsticks, I noticed the box. It said “Pizza Mia.” Was that a play on “Mama Mia?” Either way it got me thinking about my Mom, homemade meals, and the empty kitchen and fridge behind me. When was the last time I really cooked for myself aside from preparing a bowl of cereal, putting some cream cheese on a bagel, or heating up a boxed dinner? Sadly, I couldn’t recall a time yet I have goals of exercising and going to the gym.

The reason I don’t cook is because I think I can’t cook and I never really learned to cook. I was always fortunate enough to have someone else cook for me however I live alone and it’s not always healthy to eat out or fix prepared meals. The real reason is that I simply don’t want to try. It’s a lot of effort that I don’t want to put in however when I do take the time, it usually turns out great. In the movie Ratatouille, Chef Gusteau tells Remy that “anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great” and “food always comes to those who love to cook.”

As I sat there eating my pizza and thinking of how I could possibly do this, an idea was born. I would conquer my fear of cooking by blogging about it. As that idea formed in my head, so did a name for the URL and within a few hours I had purchased the site and installed WordPress committing myself to my new goal of cooking. When I announced my plan to my sister she asked if I had been inspired by the movie Julie and Julia about a woman who cooks for 365 days out of Julia Child’s cookbook. I had never seen the movie however I watched it tonight and I’m even more inspired about my decision to cook.

The December 18th #reverb10 prompt reads: what do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it?

I think I found my inspiration. Thank you Pizza Hut. Thank you pizza box. I’m on my way to cook up a storm for better or worse and we’ll see what becomes of it.

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  • water facts

    thats however great…but on a comic note if all pizza boxes keep delivering similar insprirations then the company owners need to think about another business to earn…jokes apart..well your decision is no doubt a healthy and tasty one…cooking can bring to you more variety than pizza