It’s December a.k.a. My Birthday Month

It’s now 13 days into December. For the rest of you, it’s another month, a countdown to Christmas, or the New Year. For me, it’s a month long celebration (almost) to December 30th – my birthday. Since birth (a very exciting time for me) until about a few years, the occasion was simply celebrated with a cake or most recently my Mom’s new found favorite (and also mine), the rum cake. It wasn’t anything special. Who celebrates getting a year older?

However that all changed 3 years ago when I moved to Orange County. The move as a whole was an enlightening experience and being on my own for the first time and discovering myself, I realized it was something I needed all along. I can honestly say it saved me. How it saved me? I don’t know. I just know I’m a better person for it and in celebration of my move I started 30 days of me. The project is simple. Everyday and up until the morning of December 31st I do something for myself. It can be in any shape or form but it’s usually a consistent theme. I can either buy myself something, spend it with friends, etc. It’s up to me. This year, I don’t have much money for anything extravagant so I’ve committed each day to learning something, trying something new, or finishing a project. I’m hoping that the end result will leave me with some new found skills and a yest for carrying out new adventures.

For the past 13 days, I have focused my energy into my blog (and some food trucking and Yelp adventures). It’s my zen and something I hope to do professionally someday. I set up this site on a pure whim in July without any WordPress experience and sometimes struggle when I have a question so I’ve challenged myself to resolve my own issues by looking up tutorials online and only seeking advice when absolutely necessary.

My other project was more for my spiritual self. This year has been all about inner reflection and while walking in Target one day, I finally figured out how I wanted to use my gift cards. For 3 years, I’ve been collecting gift cards and thinking I’ll spend them on some tech toy or clothes but I pretty much have all I need (still hoping for a MacBook Pro though!). While staring up at the Christmas decorations, I realized I wanted to put up my first tree. Trees and Christmas aren’t part of our religion so I never grew up with any of those traditions so while I made ornaments, wreaths, and participated in school I had no use for them at home. However a tree doesn’t have a religion and putting a few ornaments on doesn’t change that fact. It wasn’t an easy task and it made me doubt myself but my decision remained solid. I worked through the obstacles forming negative thoughts in my head and put up my tree 3 hours later. I was amazed by my work and determined that I could defeat anything that stood in my way.

I was a little bummed all this year that I wouldn’t be able to shop recklessly for my birthday month however I think I’ve been humbled. The shopaholic in me still struggles but a stronger more spiritual side of me is growing and challenging herself everyday to new heights and isn’t setting any barriers. It is wonderful to know that I’ll be entering my 30’s with a new found respect for myself and a brand new fitness goal.

Today’s #reverb10 prompts us to make ideas happen, I have definitely put some plans in action this month. So what’s my next step? Continue 30 days into 365 days of growing and learning. There is no harm in attempting to learn something new each day or starting a project that might scare you. What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger, more confident, and resilient.  So here’s to a new year and brand new me!

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