Unboxing: Twitgift From #RisingUp Crew

For the past few months, I have vicariously followed the Rising Up crew on their quest to travel to 45 cities in 65 days to capture 55 stories about entrepreneurs who saw it in themselves to seek a life outside of the confines of a cubicle. The project is called Rise of the Cubicle Farmer. I know I’ve had the same dream and several others have faced the same dilemma but didn’t necessarily know how to take the first steps to leave their current situation.

The brains behind this remarkable journey is AJ Leon, founder of the LaC Project. I first heard about AJ while hanging out with my dear friend Gen Spinella at The Pasta Bar in Azusa, CA.  The project is also spearheaded by his wife Melissa Leon and his brother Tony Leon.

On Tuesday, I received a tweet from Tony saying I had a TwitGift (another wonderful idea by the LaC Project).  This was my first TwitGift and the process is simple. You enter your address and then you receive a confirmation tweet and another tweet when the gift has shipped. You can add things to your gift like chocolate chip cookies to make it “sweet.” I think it’s the coolest way to leverage our current technology and a social tool like Twitter. Who doesn’t like receiving a tweet saying they are a recipient of a gift? I was totally stoked when I saw it pop up in my Twitter stream.

As a special thank you to the Rising Up Crew, I debut my first unboxing of their generous gift to me and wish them safe travels. It has been a true pleasure to follow their journey, read all the wonderful stories, and get to know the crew.  Check out the video below and the contents of my TwitGift.

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