Archives for January 2011

Why Cities Need a Solid Social Media Strategy

This afternoon, I had an appointment at Big Train which happens to be 5 minutes away from where I live however when I got to Bake Pkwy I noticed a line of cars and figured it was an unusual lunch rush. I tweeted about the incident, got a few retweets, and 15 minutes later I […]

Book 1 of 50: Paula Deen’s Memoir

This year, I’ve committed myself to reading 50 books. I just finished reading Paula Deen’s memoir: it ain’t all about the cookin’. I found this book while traveling up north for my 30th birthday and the new year and it has set the pace for my year. For a few years, I’ve watched Paula Deen […]

Blogging Goals for 2011

Writing is my zen. It’s therapeutic. Kinda like Fruit Ninja on the iPhone. I’ve been looking back at my archives for 2010 and I realized my blog sort of suffered. I posted when it felt convenient but this year I’d like to be on schedule, have a game plan, and blog consistently here and on […]

Welcome to the 30’s, Suki

They say life begins at 30. Truer words couldn’t have been said. Growing up wasn’t easy. I didn’t have the ideal childhood meaning I missed out on all sorts of pop culture trends and silly things like carnivals, riding a bike, learning how to swim etc so for the past few years I’ve been like […]