Book 1 of 50: Paula Deen’s Memoir

This year, I’ve committed myself to reading 50 books. I just finished reading Paula Deen’s memoir: it ain’t all about the cookin’. I found this book while traveling up north for my 30th birthday and the new year and it has set the pace for my year.

For a few years, I’ve watched Paula Deen on the Food Network and I followed along because of her big personality, the way she makes her viewers feel like they’re in her kitchen, and our mutual love for butter however in her memoir Paula reveals her story and doesn’t hold back.  She shares her life mistakes, how she’s moved on, and the next steps.

Each chapter ends with a recipe that relates to the story being told in the chapter. The memoir talks about growing up Southern, how to be Southern, the beauty of the cooking, her whirlwind marriage, finding true love, the restaurant business, and family. She also ends the book with some savvy business advice.

This was a surprising find in downtown Santa Cruz and a book I couldn’t put down. I’m looking forward to trying the recipes and seeing what I come up with. If you’re a fan, check it out. You won’t be disappointed. My only wish now is to meet her. 😉

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